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‘Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity' ~ Bookey Clothing

Founded in a bedroom in 2014, Bookey Clothing grew out of the real experience of living in a run-down council estate in Birmingham. People were paranoid, frightened to leave their homes. Bookey’s logo, the guy in the blinds, is the symbol of that experience – paranoia at one end to suffering with anxiety and depression at the other.

There weren’t many opportunities growing up, but the only option was to turn this negative experience into something positive – developing a creative talent into a fashionable streetwear brand. Bookey Clothing is a homage to the past, a meaningful brand that people can connect with.

Bookey’s streetwear is unique, constantly changing with fresh designs and offering limited releases on some products, giving exclusivity. This is just the beginning of the journey, with your following and support, Bookey plans to be the number one streetwear brand.

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